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Radomilk, DP

Plant of Radomilk dairy products raspolozhenv one of the oldest cities of the Zhytomyr region.

GP "Radomilk" makes exclusively qualitative dairy products, harmoniously combining long traditions, to the rich experience and the latest technologies.

At production of the production we use natural, high-quality raw materials, and also we use the multistage monitoring system of technological process. It allows us to make the competitive food meeting the most strict requirements.

At the moment the plant has several main directions of prospects of development: expansion of a line of dairy products, introduction of new technologies, but also, continuous modernization of technology of process of production that allows us to conform to modern requirements for quality always.

Practically all Ukrainians use dairy products since the earliest childhood and to extreme old age. Making our production, we care for that it kept all initial useful properties - one of the most nutritious natural products - milk. We use the technologies allowing to keep vitamins. Thus, using our traditional dairy products, consumers not only enjoy taste, but also strengthen the to a zdorovye.a)
Products And Services
Product cheese firm "Radomishlsky", 50%
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Product cheese firm "Radomishlsky", 50 Structure: cow's milk, salt kitchen, calcium chloride (E509), fermenting preparation (thermophilic and mesophilic microorganisms) molokosvorachivayushchy enzyme preparation, vegetable fat, natural color (E160b). Nutritional value of 100 g of product: fats -...
Group: Cheese product
Spread sweet cream "Radomishlsky", 72,5%, 500 g
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Spread sweet cream Radomishlsky 72,5, 500 Structure: butter, cream natural of cow's milk, vegetable fat, skim milk, oil fragrance. Mass part of the general fat 72,5, including milk fat of 25% of the general content of fat according to GSTU 4445:2005. Nutritional value of 100 g of product: fats —...
Group: Spread
Spread sweet cream Radomishlsky 72.5%, 200g
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For the modern consumer the word "spread" is not the unclear term any more, and still quite recently very few people heard it and perceived as something foreign-language. However so it also is, the name of the offered dairy product has the English roots and means "to smear". On counters of outlets...
Group: Spread
Cheese "Russian", 50%
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Cheese firm "Russian" from the Ukrainian producer of GP "Radomilk" answers all inquiries and whims of the most exacting consumer. The made only on modern technological lines on recent trends with observance of all traditions of cheese making, our cheese possesses unsurpassed tastes and aroma....
Group: Cheese, hard
Russian hard cheese, 50%
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Sostav:moloko cow, salt kitchen, calcium chloride (E509), fermenting preparation (thermophilic and mesophilic microorganisms) molokosvorachivayushchy enzyme preparation, natural color (E160b). Nutritional value of 100 g of product: fats - 29,0g; proteins - 23,0g. Caloric content of 100 g of...
Group: Cheese
Oil sweet Selyanske 72.5%, 500g
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To feel taste of the real qualitative butter – dream of each fan of sandwiches. Unfortunately, recently more and more seldom it is possible to find such product on counters of distribution networks. Producers apply various vkuso-aromatic additives by production of dairy products, forgetting about...
Group: Butter
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Milk accompanies each person from the moment of his birth. For many it is favourite drink for the rest of life, some do not transfer even a milk smell. But, certainly, milk forever is and will be that product which delivers to our organism a set of useful substances. Milk demands to itself very...
Group: Milk
Продукт сырный твердый Радомишльський, 50%
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For those fans of cheese taste who do not wish to eat high-calorific products, offer a product cheese firm Radomyshlsky. Our production meets all requirements of the state and European standards, does not contain harmful additives and chemicals. The main raw materials for production of a cheese...
Group: Cheese
A1-OGM-5 homogenizer
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I will sell ТехническиехарактеристикигомогенизатораА1-ОГМ-5: Pokazatelya1-OGM Productivity, l/h 5 Davleniyegomogenization, MPa 20 Temperaturapostupayushchego 60-80 Product, 'With Chisloplunzherov 3 Hodplunzherov, mm 40 Chislostupeneygomogenization 2 Pressure, MPa: Okhlazhdennoyvodynavkh
Group: Homogenizers for the food-processing industry
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Group: Whey
Oil sweet Selyanske 73%, 200g
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Sweet cream butter "Selyanske" from GP "Radomilk" will please each consumer with the excellent quality, unsurpassed creamy taste and natural aroma. As the main raw materials for so vital production and at the same time daily foodstuff serves the high-quality pasteurized cream from genuine cow's...
Group: Butter
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Milk is subject to influence of different microorganisms, its expiration date is insignificant is small. This product besides demands certain storage conditions. All this not by hearsay is known to those whom interesuyetprodazh of milk wholesale. On counters of shops milk gets in different options....
Group: Spread


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