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Cheese, hard

Cheese "Rossiyskiy- plus" 50%
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Cheese "Russian" from the Ukrainian producer GP "Radomilk" meets all the needs and whims of the most demanding customer. Made only on modern technological lines of the latest trends in compliance with all the traditions of cheese making, our cheese has an unrivaled taste and aroma. Enumerating all...
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Hard cheese "Holland", 45% (timber)
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Hard cheese "Holland", 45% (timber) Food (nutritional) of 100 g of the product: Protein - 25.5 g; fat - 22.0 g Energy value (caloric content) 100g 300 kcal (1254 kJ). The shelf life when stored at minus 4˚S to 0˚S and relative humidity 85-90% - 120 days, or at a temperature 0˚S to 6 ° C and a...
Group: Cheese, hard


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