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Spread sweet Radomishlsky 72.5%, 200g
  • Spread sweet Radomishlsky 72.5%, 200g

Spread sweet Radomishlsky 72.5%, 200g

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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For the modern consumer word "spread" is no longer a vague term, and until recently, few people heard it and seen as something foreign language. But the way it is, because the title of the proposed dairy product has English roots and means "to smear". On the shelves of retail outlets spreads have appeared recently, although it is a product for a long time took its rightful place among the respected and beloved namazok for fans of sandwiches. Until recently, spreads went to the buyer under the names "Light oil" or "soft butter." It was only after a series of bureaucratic procedures, the spread began to spread. According to its constituent spreads are divided into several groups depending on the percentage of constituent predominates in the product. Spread sweet Radomyshlsky belongs to the subspecies vegetable-creamy with a milkfat content of 25%. Proposed spread made from butter, cream from natural cows milk, vegetable oils and flavors for the food industry. All raw materials for the product has been tested and marked the highest quality. Total fat mass of the product of 72.5%. Prepacked spread in a convenient container capacity of 500 grams.

Spread sweet Radomyshlsky ideal for sandwiches, it smoothly and evenly spread on toast. It can be given to children and the elderly.

The nutritional (food) of 100 g of product: fat - 72.5 g; protein - 0.9 g; Carbohydrate - g 1.4 Calorific value (power value) of 100 g - 661 kcal.

Ingredients: butter, natural cream with cow's milk, vegetable fat, skimmed milk.

Packaging - ekolin.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Kind:Creamy vegetable
Weight: 200 g
Fat percentage: 72,5 %
Information is up-to-date: 11.02.2020
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